NeckX® for AthletesNeck Strengthening for Athletes—Anytime, Anywhere

NeckX® for AthletesNeck Strengthening for Athletes—Anytime, Anywhere

Professional and amateur athletes demand more from their bodies. They need to manage their use more thoroughly and more often than they can from occasional visits to the gym or workout facilities. NeckX® makes it easier for athletes of all levels to do neck muscle strength exercises, wherever they are, and whenever they can.

The NeckX® system is an affordable, fully portable, personalized solution for neck strengthening exercises for athletes. Whether used at home or on the go, NeckX® offers a full slate of muscle stretching and conditioning that helps athletes maintain durability and power in their neck muscles.

NeckX®‘s unique, lightweight elastic technology, gives the neck a full and effective workout, without the need for stationary equipment. In many ways, NeckX® offers a more complete workout for the neck than one can get in a gym—its fully adjustable resistance bands and expansion capacity lets them target specific muscle areas that need work, resulting in the ability to develop a more personalized program of neck strengthening for athletes.

Professionals and amateurs in all types of high-performance sports—football, basketball, soccer, rugby, swimming, and more—use NeckX®’s products to train and build the neck strength that’s vital to their success and overall health. The versatility and flexibility of the NeckX® system make it easy for athletes to perform neck muscle strength exercises that enhance range of motion, build muscle bulk, and increase endurance.

Designed and developed by former collegiate athletes, NeckX has been adopted by medical professionals, physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic spine surgeons as an effective solution for giving the athletes they treat a competitive advantage. The neck stretches for athletes NeckX® can even help prevent, lessen or rehabilitate neck and spine injuries, including concussions.

Easy to use, customizable, sturdy, and strong, NeckX® is made for athletes who are always looking for new ways to excel at what they do.

Benefits of Using NeckX® in Neck Muscle Stretches for Athletes

Whether training for competition, recovering from an injury, or simply trying to maintain excellent physical condition, using the NeckX® system for neck muscle strength exercises has a wide range of benefits:

  • Fewer, less severe neck and spine injuries. Better conditioning means better protection. Building strength with NeckX® won’t prevent certain injuries or concussions from happening, but it can help lessen the impact of injuries by building toughness and strength in the neck.
  • Increased performance. Using NeckX® for added neck strength helps maintain high performance levels on the field or the court—not just for skills that use head and neck turning, but by allowing you to focus on the game with less concern about your movability or flexibility.
  • More specific muscle targeting. NeckX®‘s system of heavy resistance bands is fully adjustable, allowing you to narrow your neck strengthening exercises down to specific parts or muscle groups that contribute most to your performance.
  • Preventative care. Neck muscle stretches for athletes proactively help them to reduce or head off the worst effects of concussions or whiplash before they happen—not just to fix them afterward. NeckX® makes that form of preventative exercising easier.
  • Rehabilitative and restorative care. NeckX® was designed as a tool to help active users recover from various neck strains, tension, and ailments. Using NeckX®‘s strengthening exercises helps athletes recover more fully from neck injuries and get them back in play.

What Makes NeckX®’s Neck Muscle Strength Exercises Different?

What Makes NeckX®’s Neck Muscle Strength Exercises Different?

Convenience and portability are just the most obvious reasons why NeckX® is a proven solution for neck strengthening exercises for athletes. Simply put, we believe NeckX® offers them a better workout.

NeckX®’s customizable features make it easier for athletes to devise a more personalized neck strengthening routine. The variety of exercises NeckX® is suited for—a complete lineup of flexion, rotation, extensions, and neck lifts—can be done as concentric, eccentric or isometric methods. These exercises cover the entire range of motion in the human neck and can be adopted or adapted as the athlete needs.

NeckX® allows athletes to target specific muscle groups that need particular attention. Its system of bands with varied weights and densities can be adjusted to generate resistance and tension for a fixed group of neck muscles and tendons. Rather than dealing with the heavy and cumbersome weights of stationery gym equipment, athletes can modify NeckX® with only a few adjustments that are easy to execute.

Athletes can adjust NeckX® to fit their requirements, needs, trainer instructions, or rehabilitative programs. Whether they need a low-intensity workout for regular maintenance, a higher-intensity program to build strength, or a managed session to repair or relieve tension, NeckX® lets athletes set the tone and pace of their workout according to what’s best for them.

NeckX® is designed to help athletes in all sports strengthen and restore their neck, spine, and head muscles. No matter what you play, it has the ideal workout for you.

NECK X® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NECK X® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NECK X® can give you the competitive edge by improving your neck conditioning, neck flexibility, and neck strength allowing you to reach the winners circle.