NeckX® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.



As former collegiate athletes, the founders of NeckX® understand the hard work and dedication required to excel at a higher level. We also understand the physical toll that can be taken, especially as it relates to neck pain and neck injury.

NeckX® can give you the competitive edge by improving your neck conditioning, neck flexibility, and neck strength allowing you to reach the winners circle. All athletic endeavors use the neck and neck musculature. Because NeckX® strengthens the large muscles and small core muscles of the neck, NeckX® can give you a steady platform to see and defeat your opponent.

NeckX® has also been adopted across the board by medical professionals as well. Orthopedic Spine Surgeons, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, and Physical Therapists have all found the NeckX® to be extremely versatile in the strengthening and rehabilitation of neck related injuries.

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Concussion Mitigation

Concussions and concussive events in today’s athletes are a concern of any coach, administrator, athlete, or parent. Currently, most of the research and focus is on how to diagnosis a concussion and when an athlete can return to competition. At NeckXsystems™, we believe that preventing concussions is the real challenge.

Many medical experts and researchers have stated that focusing on neck strength, neck flexibility, increased neck range of motion, and neck endurance are keys to concussion prevention. A stronger neck allows an athlete to resist the “whiplash” effect after receiving a blow to the side of the head or can slow down the momentum of a head bouncing off the ground. The NeckX® patented design, allows an athlete to train the neck in almost every range of motion out to the extremes. Although using the NeckX® will not prevent a concussion, it can help mitigate some of the contributing factors by developing a stronger and more flexible neck.

Medical / Rehabilition

NeckX® was initially developed as a solution to the constant neck pain and neck fatigue experienced by US fighter Pilots due to the high G forces they experience flying their high-performance fighter aircraft. It is commonly accepted that fighter pilots suffer from both acute and chronic cervical pain.

NeckX® was designed to be used as a preventative measure, as well as being used as a treatment, for uncomplicated mechanical cervical pain caused by musculature strain. NeckX® can also be used to stretch and strengthen the neck musculature of post-operative cervical patients, whip lash victims, and anyone experiencing neck tension, neck stiffness, and neck strain. NeckX® can be used to stretch and strengthen the muscles most commonly related to neck muscle strain. These include, but are not limited to the Levator Scapulae, Rhomboid, Sternocleidomastoid, Trapezius, Splenius, Semispinalis, and Multifidus muscles.

Every Day Use

So, you don’t fly jets, play for a professional sports team, and you are not recovering from neck surgery. That doesn’t mean that NeckX® isn’t right for you. One of the most common causes of neck pain today is sitting at a desk hunched over a computer or cellphone. Improper posture can have as much of a detrimental effect on your lifestyle as hurting your neck in an accident.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast who likes to play a game of pick-up basketball, a stay home parent who is carrying a little one around all day, or a professional on the go, NeckX® can improve your performance. By using NeckX® to stretch and strengthen your neck, increase your mobility, and improve your posture, you will not only improve your daily outlook but you will reduce your stress as well. Give NeckX® a try and see what it can do for you.


After developing NeckX® for fighter pilots as a rehabilitative device, we discovered that NeckX® can be used as a neck strength and neck performance enhancement tool as well. Currently, most neck exercise devices only allow the user to strengthen their necks in a specific plain of motion; either forwards, backwards, or side-to-side. These devices are unsanitary and can cause injury if they machine snaps back. Furthermore, using untrained athletes pushing on each other’s necks or using towels creates a liability and a potential for neck injury.

NeckX® is a personally owned device that can be used at anytime and anywhere. By simply using the extra heavy resistance band or by adding multiple bands, an athlete can increase to the desired amount of resistance. NeckX® exercises can be done using Concentric, Eccentric, or Isometric exercise methods. Finally, because of the ability to “fixate” the bands in a specific place, an athlete can target desired neck muscle groups and work them in almost every plain of motion. Perhaps the greatest benefit of NeckX® is that it will stretch and strengthen not only the large muscles of the neck, but also the core muscles that give your neck the stability required to perform at a higher level. Using NeckX® could give you the edge that you have been looking for.


Most people don’t think of our men and women in uniform as athletes. However, after one quick look at the daily and weekly physical requirements of our military members, it’s easy to understand why they would need to maintain themselves in top physical shape. NeckX® was originally developed as a device to deal with the acute and chronic neck pain suffered by fighter pilots after many years of flying. However, there are many other jobs in the military in which a service member will rely heavily on the strength and performance of their neck. Whether a service member is in the Infantry, in Supply, on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, a para-jumper, or in the cramped spaces of a submarine, NeckX® can help them execute at the top of their game when it’s needed the most.