Hear From Industry Experts

Hear From Industry Experts

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Learn more about the NeckX® and how it can help you by watching these video testimonials from industry experts.


Dr. St. John – Orthopedic Surgeon


Frank Scotti – Professional Athlete


Darrell Locket, MAT, ATC, CSCS


David McBurney

David McBurney, Athletic Trainer at The Citadel discusses the great results that athletes at The Citadel are experiencing using NeckX®.


Dr. Fair

Dr. Fair Associate Director of Athletics for Sports Medicine at the United States Naval Academy and Founder of the “Cowboy Collar” talks about how NeckX® prevents injuries!


What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Having flown multiple high-G Air Force fighters for over 10 years, my neck was becoming a major problem. Between pain and losing range of motion, I started to dread even the simplest sortie that would require me to look over my shoulder. Although I tried several neck machines and exercises over the years, none allowed a sufficient variety of motions to fully exercise or stretch my neck.

Recently while going through training at Luke AFB, I was introduced to the NeckX® and another neck exercise device by one of the human performance specialists. The NeckX® was far and away the more useful system. The flexibility of exercises, stretches, and resistance coupled with ease of use made all of the difference. After leaving Luke, I immediately ordered one for myself. Having used it almost daily for over a month I am already noticing major improvements in pain reduction and improved range of motion. I even bring it with me when traveling due to the lightweight and ease of packing. I would highly recommend the NeckX® and only wish I had known about it sooner in my flying career.

F-16 Fighter Pilot, United States Air Force

Hello from the Ohio State University. The Rugby World Cup experience this past year was truly amazing.Thank you for use of the NeckX system and products and their therapeutic use for our athletes during the 2015 Rugby World Cup . These items are still with several team members after the conclusion of the event. Terrific travel item for our team members. One of the biggest advocates for the product was Greg Petereson. Feel free to reach out to him directly for a personal testimonial.I wanted to request an additional purchase of three more items please – through OSU Outreach program. I even want to want to push it as a travel item for our front row for USA Rugby and with the new PRO Rugby league and our team in OHIO.Thanks again. I will promote this product for sure!

Richard Quincy, MS, PT, ATC, Rehab Services and Outreach Services Manager
The Ohio State University USA Rugby National Team Medical Staff
PRO Rugby Medical Staff - Ohio Team
Past Medical Director US Ski and Snowboarding Association
Past Associate Medical Director US Olympic Committee

I have been flying the F/A-18 Hornet for 8 years and have over 1500 hours of total flight time. Over time, I noticed a repeated case of neck stiffness and soreness after high-G maneuvering flights. As an F/A-18 Hornet Instructor Pilot, I knew I needed something to strengthen my neck muscles. Unfortunately, the neck machines in the weight room were either inadequate or non-existent. Thus, I sought out a solution to treat and prevent my neck pain.The NeckX allows me to perform multiple exercises and replicate the high-G forces I experience flying the F/A-18. My routine usually consists of 3 to 4 sets of 15-20 repetitions of neck flexion, in all directions (left, right, and forward) and neck extension. Furthermore, with the NeckX, I can also work neck rotation in both directions. I have been using the NeckX for the last three months. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that I feel less neck strain while moving my head under high-G forces. This allows me to devote my attention to my flying mechanics and mission, instead of my neck pain. Unlike before, I can turn my head and look in all directions under high-G turns with greater ease. Furthermore, the stiffness and soreness I previously experienced post-flight is gone. Simply performing several exercises for roughly 10 minutes, 2-3 times a week has made a world of difference in my neck strength.

F/A-18 Hornet Instructor Pilot, United States Marine Corps

My position at Wright State University is unique. I am 50% faculty teaching in our CAATE­ accredited athletic training education program and 50% athletic department working as the primary athletic trainer in charge of men’s/women’s swimming & diving. As a result, I am always looking for devices that can be utilized in both the educational and clinical settings. During my career, I have worked with numerous athletes who have sustained upper trapezius strains, neck sprains, brachial plexus injuries, and even some with a history of torticollis. The common factor between these injuries is the need for neck strengthening. Many individuals do not have access to a 4-way neck strengthening machine and when they do, the majority of these machines only strengthen in the cardinal or straight planes versus diagonal patterns necessary in athletic movements. I have also utilized a Velcro head harness. However, this device has to be secured very tightly to stay in place and not slide up which is uncomfortable for most athletes. I have utilized the NeckX over the past year. Major benefits I have discovered include; 1. The athlete is able to work diagonal, more functional patterns, 2. The athlete is able to control the resistance easier than with the 4-way neck or head harness, and 3. The equipment is portable and resistance can be easily modified. Thank you again for the opportunity to utilize the NeckX.

Rebekah R. Bower, MS, AT, ATC, Wright State Education Coordinator, ATEP
Wright State Staff Athletic Trainer, Athletics

At the University of Minnesota, the Athletic Medicine Staff has been very impressed with the versatility that the NeckX® offers in the strengthening and rehabilitation of neck related injuries. Especially for those student-athletes with chronic pain or degenerative issues in their cervical spine, the NeckX® is helpful as the patient is offered the ability to modify the tension and direction of the exercise to uniquely tailor the rehab exercise.

Moira Novak, MS, ATC, Director of Athletic Medicine
University of Minnesota

In early 2010, I was involved in a horrific car accident. My car was T-boned by a Ford F-250 truck traveling in excess of 50 mph and I took the impact right in my door. Besides the multiple fractures in my ribs, hips, and tailbone, I also suffered from whiplash in three different directions. After 8 months of rehab, I’m happy to be back on my feet. However, I made the most significant gains when I started using the NeckX®. The mobility in my neck and upper back has returned and I am grateful for the positive results. I would recommend the NeckX® to anyone who wants to improve their mobility.

Sarah Elwood, Huntington Beach, CA

I’ve been using the NeckX® since November on football players and wrestlers to treat stingers, herniated discs, trap spasms and I’ve seen good results with everything. It’s a great product because it keeps your hands free and I don’t have to waste time on manual traction. I teach athletes how to do it and they want to come back in. I don’t have to twist their arms to get in there because they have all seen results and they come back in wanting to use it. It’s a great product.

David McBurney, Assistant Athletic Trainer, The Citadel
Testimonial at the 2011 NATA Conference

I experienced a fall which resulted in a broken wrist, messed up shoulder & neck, and the development of RSD. I was not quite ready to use my NeckX® when I first received it, so I loaned it to my chiropractor For him to see first-hand. He was very impressed, and plans to use it in his office. After about 2 weeks, lie returned my NeckX® to me, with the instruction to “Take this home and start using it!” As my level of healing has allowed, I’ve been utilizing mainly the side stretches for now. I have gained some relief from my constant neck pain, and can tell the NeckX® will greatly improve my range of motion and flexibility.

Sharon Chilton RSM, CA

I am honored to be your first international customer! I am a fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force and was looking for some neck exercises on the internet when I came across your website. I found it via Google using a search of something like “fighter pilot neck exercises”. In terms of being influenced to buy the product I thought your website was very professional, with good videos but for me the fact that it was designed and used by a fellow fighter pilot was probably the main factor. I tried it out this afternoon and found it very good at working some of the neck muscles and movements that are normally quite hard to target. I’m sure it will be a useful training tool for flying with JHMCS and I will recommend it to the guys in the squadron. Congratulations on your great idea and I hope it is a success for you.

Fighter Pilot, Royal Australian Air Force

When using the NeckX®, I could definitely feel the stretch and I liked how I had the ability to increase the intensity. I especially liked the stretch where I pulled down to the front and to the side simultaneously. I could really feel the stretch in the trap area.

Christina, ATC, University of Delaware

When I tried the NeckX®, I could really feel the NeckX® stretch and strengthen my neck. Once you instructed me on how to use the NeckX®, it was fairly easy to do the different range of motion exercises. I could see using the NeckX in our training facility.

Jenny Honeycut, ATC, College of Charleston

I’ve suffered from a lot of neck pain over the years that became amplified the more I trained. Being a wheelchair user is naturally hard on the neck muscles since I’m always looking down when I push to watch where I’m going, then looking up to talk to most people, or looking up to reach things that are the right height for most people in a standing position. Since using NeckX, the pain in my neck has reduced significantly. It provides just enough resistance to work my neck muscles without overdoing it. Trips to the chiropractor have lessened and my massage therapy sessions are less painful. The NeckX is small enough and light enough to throw in my luggage and take on the road with me. I am currently training for the 2015 Para Pan AM games in Toronto and World Championships in Nov 2015, leading up to the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio.

Scot Severn, Director for the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of American
Michigan DNR Accessibility Advisory Council
2013 International Paralympic Committee Athletics World Championships, silver medal (shot put)
2012 U.S. Paralympic National Championships, gold medal (discus), silver medal (javelin, shot put)
2011 Parapan American Games, silver medal (discus, shot put)
2011 IPC World Championships, fourth place (shot put)
2010 U.S. Paralympic National Championship, gold medal (shot put), silver medal (javelin, discus)
2008 U.S. Paralympic National Championship, gold medal (discus, javelin, shot put)

I have chronic neck pain directly related to my time flying tactical military aircraft. I have undergone extensive physical therapy and made multiple visits to a chiropractor to alleviate my neck pain and increase my range of motion with moderate results. After using NeckX® for nearly 3 months, averaging 4 times per week for 15 minutes per session, I’ve noticed a definite increase in range of motion and overall strength. In addition to the exercises detailed in the product handbook, I have had success with other variations that target positions frequently experienced in tactical flying. I feel that NeckX® is a great supplement to physical therapy and can be a valuable tool for tactical aviators experiencing chronic neck pain.

F-5 Adversary Pilot, F/A-18 Hornet Instructor Pilot, United States Marine Corps

The NeckX is a great piece of equipment. I have had a weak neck for as long as i can remember but only in the past few years that has become a problem. I have a small pinched nerve between my C2 C3 and every so often, if hit in a particular way it give me a ‘stinger’ down my left shoulder, which almost shuts it down. Because of you NeckX I have been able to strengthen it whether I am on tour or at home.

Gregory H. Peterson, “Lock,” USA Eagles National Rugby Team
Glasgow Warriors
NSW Waratahs
Leicester Tigers (ENG)
The Scots College

I was first introduced to NeckX® in November of 2010 and immediately put it to use on a football player with a chronic brachial plexus and another player with a severe neck strain. In both cases, NeckX® dramatically improved their condition. One of the greatest advantages I have found using NeckX® is the ability to fixate the bands and target specific muscle groups. NeckX® is a valuable tool that I will continue to use to treat my collegiate athletes.

Andy Clawson, Director of Sports Medicine, The Citadel
National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) Hall of Fame
Charleston, SC

The most notable thing I noticed after using the NeckX® for several days myself was that I could recruit my postural muscles more easily. I was interested in finding out if there was a measurable difference in postural muscle recruitment NeckX® utilization. After three weeks, I re-measured each of the subjects using the same equipment and positioning as well as the same instructions. The outcome was favorable in all three subjects! Each felt they learned something they never knew how to do before.

Peggy Kirk, PT, Tampa Bay, FL

NeckX® was developed by a patient of mine who happens to have a fairly significant cervical disease. Unsatisfied with the traditional strengthening techniques, he developed the NeckX®. Based on his excellent results, I can foresee applications among cervical patients who wish to augment their recovery, among the athletic population who require powerful cervical muscles to support and stabilize their cervical spine, or among anybody who wishes to have an improved cervical posture, not to mention among fighter pilots who expose their cervical spines to extreme loads. As a surgeon, I would recommend this product to my patients, to Physical Therapists, to Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, or anyone who wishes to benefit from an excellent cervical exercise program.

Dr. Thomas A. St John, MD, Orthopedic Spine Surgery
Sports Medicine
Aspen, CO

Your product is unique, simple and effective. Athletes, coaches and trainers value injury prevention as high as anything else in the sport. Without it, careers prematurely halt to a stop. Money is not only lost for the individual athlete, but their team, athletic association and ultimately, the USA Olympic Committee. The NeckX® offers a simple and affordable way to lower the risk of cervical and capital spine injuries.

Pamela Minix, MATs, RTSm, Biomechanics Specialist for Olympic Triathlete – Jarrod Shoemaker
San Diego, CA

Thank you for taking time to visit with me relative to your fine product. I certainly am impressed with the device — I can see so many indications and clinical applications for this product within the conditioning of patients and the treatment of neck pathology. The clinical applications are immense for the Athletic Training and Sports Medicine arena. As another consideration, the business traveler can utilize the device nicely as an adjunct readily available in one’s brief case. It is a great modality for daily workouts. You certainly have some great workouts on your website. Again, many thanks.

Dr. Rod Walters, Walters Inc, Consultants in Sports Medicine
National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) Hall of Fame
Columbia, S.C.

We use the NeckX® and find it very effective in strengthening the neck muscles. One of the key things is the rotational component that you really can’t duplicate with any of the other machines that are now available; you can actually do with the NeckX®. We find quite useful in prevention and rehabilitation of our guys who have had neck injuries. This will actually stop neck injuries if you use it.

Dr. Jeff Fair, Associate Director of Athletics
for Sports Medicine
United States Naval Academy
Founder of the “Cowboy Collar”

I use the NeckX® in my own practice and get great results with it, I like prescribing it because the patient can do the exercises on their own once I have properly trained them. Patients have good compliance with using it because it is light weight, portable, easy to travel with, and they see great results. It improves strength, mobility and function. 99% of the time when you restore function the patient’s pain will go away.

Dr. Eric Haynie D.C. , Aspen Spine and Physical Medicine
Aspen, CO

I think the NeckX® is great. I think it’s a great tool. When I tried it, I like how convenient it was to stretch and strengthen the neck.

Paul Ashley, ATC, Seagreen High School

All of my stress gets bottled up in my neck and shoulders. NeckX provides me with a therapeutic way to stretch out all the tension and the knots in my muscles. Our neck muscles support the weight of our head and I have realized how critical it is to strengthen those neck muscles so we are operating at our maximum potential. Thanks to NeckX I have experienced reduced stress levels which has improved the quality of my life.

Renae, Avid User

I am an avid cyclist and noticed my neck hurting after riding. I didn’t know how to address my issues until I found NeckX. NeckX helps me stretch and strengthen my neck and has relieved my soreness post-ride. Now I incorporate NeckX into my exercise routine to make sure I continue to maintain good neck health.

Laura, Avid Cyclist

Product Videos


What NeckX® Is & What It Can Do For You

With NeckX® you’ll develop stronger, more flexible, more resilient neck muscles that have greater muscular endurance.


Guidelines & Instructions

Take a moment to watch our Guidelines and Instructions video with information on what the NeckX® can do for you.


NeckX® Exercise Video

This short video will show you the proper stretching and strengthening techniques for using the NeckX® in our seven different exercises.


NeckX® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NeckX® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NeckX® can give you the competitive edge by improving your neck conditioning, neck flexibility, and neck strength allowing you to reach the winners circle.