How to maintain neck posture

Everyday life has a huge impact on youth posture. Neck pain in young people and teens can be due to a great many factors, from sports and physical activity to texting, gaming, computers and simply studying specifically, youth neck pain is increasingly common in teens from 14 to 18 years old.

NECK X® wants to help. That’s why we’ve created the YEPE program (Youth Empowered Posture Exponential), to raise awareness about Forward Head Posture and the impact of youth posture, whether “good” or “poor.” We invite you to help us promote awareness and raise funds to assist high school students across the United States, ages 14-18, to achieve better posture and neck health including self-image.


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Proper posture and care of the delicate muscles in the neck are vital to the overall health of our young people and pivotal in developing proper cervical health in order to reduce neck pain. Youth posture is, first of all, essential to the self-confidence of our young people and positive self-image. Of course you’ve heard the phrases “stand tall” and “keep your head held high.” Well, there’s some truth behind the expressions.

In 2009, studies were conducted and published in the European Journal of Social Psychology. These studies showed that, beyond a doubt, standing tall or sitting up straight impacted the overall confidence levels of students who were told to do so. Conversely, sitting or standing in a slouched, slumped position showed less confidence in their own abilities and feelings about themselves.

So, how can NECK X® help? It’s quite simple: our device helps improve youth posture by targeting the 4 Pillars of great cervical health. Increase Neck Strength, Flexibility, Range of Motion and Endurance through a low-impact and easy to follow neck and upper body exercise program. The NECK X® was designed to assist US military fighter pilots, but continued studies are showing that this device is beneficial to everyone, including our youth.


As we mentioned, children and teens today are putting their necks under an almost incomprehensible amount of stress. Whether they’re texting, highlighting textbooks, or playing a Match-3 game on an iPhone, kids today are using the muscles in their necks in ways that can have long-term effects.

Studies conducted in 2013 and 2014 showed that, out of 70 observed students, exactly half experienced neck pain. Those 35 students with neck pain had more forward head posture, less neck flexor endurance, and less extensor endurance than those who experienced no neck pain.

Whilst the NECK X® certainly can’t decrease the amount of time our youth spend studying or looking down at a computer. However, the neck pain device can improve youth posture by strengthening neck muscles, improving posture, and increasing cervical health. This can mean reduced long-term pain and even the mitigation of concussion in our young ones. There are studies that say a strong neck can help mitigate concussion in student athletes.


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We are excited to ask you to join us in our efforts to promote Neck Health and youth posture in children in your community. Neck X LLC, via YEPE, is raising funds to Donate NECK X® devices to young people in High Schools across the country.

You can donate to the cause by visiting our YEPE GoFundMe page. If you’d like to improve the neck health of your own child (or yourself!) please feel free to visit our order page!

Just one $90 donation will help us send 1 NECK X® device to a high school in your community. But donations in any amount will help Neck X LLC raise awareness and help improve the confidence, increase neck strength, flexibility, range of motion and endurance, as well as ensure greater overall health of our young people.

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NeckX® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

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NECK X® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NECK X® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NECK X® can give you the competitive edge by improving your neck conditioning, neck flexibility, and neck strength allowing you to reach the winners circle.