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If you follow the sport and are jumping on its rise in popularity, rugby neck injuries are something you’ll want to consider. NECK X® was designed to be used by all athletes and If you’re a rugby player, or are thinking of joining a league, read on to learn how you can protect your neck and prevent injury.


Whether you’ve cheered on a rugby match or not, you’ll be interested to know that about 25% of rugby players will suffer an injury during any given season. That’s no small number! Like North American sports with sacks and checks, rugby is a game of tackles and falls.

Common injuries in rugby include sprains and strains, as well as lacerations and dislocations. It’s not a gentle sport for sure, so an athlete needs to ensure they are prepared for the game.

If you’re a fan of American sports, you know all about the line of scrimmage in American football and rugby has rules that parallel that. The most common rugby neck injuries occur in the scrum, ruck, or maul. In each of these phases, players will huddle with their heads down and fight to gain possession of the ball.

As you can imagine, this puts considerable strain on the neck! It’s an awkward position to say the least, and muscles are often hyperextended and put under pressure. Of course, the scrum isn’t the only way an athlete can get injured. He or she could fall, be tackled or simply run into another player with considerable force.

That said, the rules of rugby don’t allow an injured player to return to the game. So many players will brush off the pain, causing even more damage to the delicate muscles in the neck.

To put it simply, rugby is not easy on the neck. For that reason, it’s critical that athletes take preventive measures to protect and strengthen their necks, both during the season and in the off-season.


Unfortunately, many athletes, regardless of sport, choose to condition only immediately prior to a season. Pre-season training begins just a month or so before the actual play begins, and that timeline doesn’t allow ample opportunity to strengthen and condition in an appropriate way.

NECK X® has developed an easy, comprehensive solution to help prevent rugby neck injuries, as well as mitigate injuries in any other sport. The NECK X® device is straightforward and suitable for athletes in any sport. Our website’s How It Works page explains the system and includes guidelines and exercise instructions.

Greg Peterson, former Lock for the USA Eagles National Rugby Team and Glasgow Warriors, has this to say after taking the NECK X® on tour: “The NECK X® is a great piece of equipment. I have had a weak neck for as long as I can remember, but only in the past few years that has become a problem. I have a small pinched nerve between my C2 C3 and every so often, if hit in a particular way it give me a ‘stinger’ down my left shoulder, which almost shuts it down. Because of your NECK X®, I have been able to strengthen my neck whether I am on tour or at home.”

A group of men playing rugby in a muddy field.

And the NECK X® isn’t just for rugby neck injuries; Dr. Jeff Fair is the Associate Director for Sports Medicine at the United States Naval Academy. He has this to say about NECK X®: “We use the NECK X® and find it very effective in strengthening the neck muscles. One of the key things is the rotational component that you really can’t duplicate with any of the other machines that are now available; you can actually do with the NECK X®. We find quite useful in prevention and rehabilitation of our guys who have had neck injuries. This will actually stop neck injuries if you use it.”


The NECK X® device was designed with the United States military in mind, but ongoing research shows the system is beneficial to anyone who wishes to increase strength and range of motion in the neck. This includes athletes, but also people who work at a desk, medical professionals… You get it. It’s designed for anyone who moves. Whether you play rugby or are a desk jockey, it’s time to let NECK X® protect you. Be sure to read about prevention and recovery on our website’s Success Stories page. Order NECK X® today. For team purchases, contact us about quantity discounts.

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NeckX® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

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NECK X® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NECK X® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NECK X® can give you the competitive edge by improving your neck conditioning, neck flexibility, and neck strength allowing you to reach the winners circle.