Neck pain in females

Chronic neck pain is common among women as they age due to the degrees of physical activity done throughout their lives. In a study done by the Berlin School of Public Health, Holmberg et al. showcase the impacts of exercise therapy and Qigong on older women. According to this study, “Improvements included a reduction in experienced neck pain, others discussed an increased general well-being, and some felt that participation in the exercise therapy helped them maintain their physical abilities.” The results of exercise therapy related to the overall health of the participants, where women focused on the relief from the subtle movements performed in therapy. These experiences in therapy led women to having “different body  awareness and perception,” to feel more independent.

Lower Neck Strength Equals Higher Neck Pain

In another study found in the archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Ylinen MD et. al, found that groups of individuals with neck pain had lower neck strength than those without pain. Although it seems obvious, chronic neck pain contributed to 29% lower flexion, 29% lower extension, and 23% less rotational forces within the neck muscles. Through rehabilitation in physical therapy, neck strength in the group improved up to 10%. The NeckX® is specifically designed to improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion to build endurance in individuals. Getting a neck ahead of the curb can help to steer clear of a future full of neck problems.

Improve Cervical Health

It’s important to understand the roles our necks play in keeping us healthy, and is often overlooked due to immediate beauty standards and aesthetic purposes. Your cervical health can keep your brain safe from injuries as well as stabilizing your head. Active neck muscle training for a 12 month period showed significant increase in women, specifically the strength training group, whose “maximal isometric neck strength increased in flexion by 110%, in rotation by 76%, and in extension by 69%.” These statistics are certainly the reason NeckX® continues to strive for improving cervical health among everyone.

Since the neck is a great shock absorber and mechanism for decelerating the movement of the head, maintaining strong neck muscles can help control the whipping motion of the skull which controls the velocity of the brain moving inside the skull. This study highlights the importance of regular training exercises in that there are so many parts of our bodies that depend on strong cervical health. Improving neck health using a NeckX® device can have similar results as experimented in the study mentioned. Routine exercise leads to a safer and healthier neck.

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NeckX® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

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NECK X® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

NECK X® is a light weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next.

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